Automatic design in style

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NOTE: most of these demo's were written in Java. As Java gave up on the Applet technology, and Javascript won the day, digital rot has taken over. I intend to port some of these applications to Javascript, but in the meantime: if things don't work, don't waste your time with getting the proper Java plug-in, configuring the proper security settings and so on.


Penthouse generator

Artificial Design implements design machines for data visualization, architecture and graphic design. Look here for info and examples. A paper outlining our approach to design can be downloaded in different layouts if you install our layout generator.


Vase generator

Identity management

Corporations use identity manuals to specify the (visual) style of their communications, products and overall presentation. These manuals differ in detail and specificity, but inevitably leave room for interpretation, certainly when styles are organic and meant to be flexible.

Artificial Design captures the rules and restrictions of a visual style in a computer program. Once a style has been defined in this manner, the tool can suggest any desired number of alternative designs for a given document. The demo version gives an impression how this might work in practice.





Data and model visualization

The risks of defined benefit retirement plans.



Manual design

We also do old-fashioned, non-autonomous design in which we shamelessly rely on our biased, individual notions of esthetics and functionality. Explore this example (and learn about gene-editing using CRISP/Cas9 and how this technology is used to study the amazing human immune system).