Artificial document designer - Help

Launch failure?

The Artificial Design tool requires Java 1.5.0_07 of higher. Under Windows this should be taken care of automatically when you launch the tool, if this fails or you are on another platform, you have to install the required Java version yourself.


Get Java for

Mac OS X

other platforms

No connection?  

The tool has to connect to our server to get the designs generated. If you see a "No connection to server" message, that probably means that artificialdesign.org is off-air and that you will only be able to use the tool as a very basic photo browser.

Why should I trust you?  

Why indeed. Some software will be stored in your Java cache (approx. 1 MB), but it won't do any harm. You will notice that, once installed, the demo can be started directly from your desktop or Start Menu. Whenever new versions become available, your installation will automatically be updated.

Just use the basic browser demo if you do not want to be bothered with the full demo.

Do I need to login?  

No, right now you don't. You can test the system as a Guest. Guests can generate and download designs as JPG's or PDF's . You need a personal login account if you want to upload your own pictures or texts or to download design samples as INX files (INX is the Adobe InDesign Exchange format).